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Computer Productivity

** Tuition fee is weekly. 10% discount for payment in full at first week.

Microsoft Office

Week 1:

Word - Word Processing
Students will learn about word processing by using Microsoft Word.  We will discuss the basic features of word processing applcations and how they apply to Word.  We will use example documents and learn to recreate the format of existing documents for writing letters, business proposals, and school papers.

Week 2:

Excel - Spreadsheet
Spreadsheets are used across almost every industry to help manage financial, stock, orders, invoices and many other types of data.  We will learn how to use Excel while working through managing our personal finances with a simple checkbook register.

Week 3:

Powerpoint - Presentation
We will learn how to use Powerpoint to build an example presentation on a topic using images, videos, text animations, automated timings and more..

Week 4:

Access - Database
UInderstanding data storage is a very useful principal in an ever-changing world of technology.  We will learn the differences between a spreadsheet and a database, when to choose which one and how to use a database to store massive amounts of data that can be easily filtered for access to the specific information one might need.

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