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Art Lab

Student Level: 8th grade+

This class is geared towards upper Middle School and High School. The focus will be on the mechanics of Drawing and progress with the use of focused projects. The goal of this class is to make any young artist improve their through challenging lessons and practice. Grades are based on completion of projects and "best efforts" - not raw talent. Anyone can learn to draw when they learn the mechanics of drawing, practice new skills, and apply those skills to finished projects..
Teacher Provides: Drawing basics kit (include, but not limited to pencils, eraser, blending torlllon, first sketchbook, paint brush and in-class supplies).
Student brings: Bag for supplies (reusable plastic grocery totes are fine), a plastic clipboard. Ifwe progress to a second sketchbook, the student will purchase that on their own. *The student may want to add additional supplies along the way, depending on interest and the teacher is happy to assist them in determining their needs to pursue a passion.

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