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Computer Buildling

Student Level: Recommended Ages 12+

Computers are everywhere! However, they ARE NOT COMPLICATED. Most computers only have 8-10 parts that a user would even need to know about. We will learn what they are and how they interact with each other.

Week 1:

Components: Memory, Harddrive, Motherboard, Chassis, Monitor, Cables galore, Expansion Cards, and more...

Terms: CPU, RAM, MB, GB, VGA, PCI,

Week 2:

The Build!! Putting it all together. Mix and Match parts…

Week 3:

Troubleshooting errors. Why won’t it start? (You get charged $80-$90 per hour for this service)

Week 4:

Operating Systems: Windows, MAC, Linux

How do operating systems interact with the hardware

Installing an operating system from scratch!! ARRRRGGG is my data gone?


The PCs the students work on may be available for sale after the class. It will come loaded with the Linux Operating system from Week 4. It will be ready to go with software pre-loaded. This will give the student some hardware to practice with at home.


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