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DIY Minecraft Server

Student Level: Recommended Age 10+

Does your student enjoy playing and building custom worlds in Minecraft?  Do they enjoy playing with and against other players?  The camp will teach them how to build their own custom Minecraft server where they can control who connects and what rules can be applied to the game.  This camp will help them build a safer environment for *network play.

Computers will be available to use during class, however using your own laptop will allow the students to test their work at home. A 16GB+ thumb drive will be required for this class (if you will be using an class laptop.)

Optionally for your personal laptop: Minimum requirements are 4GB of RAM and 10GB of Free Harddrive space.

PERMISSION IS REQUIRED to create a free account if your student does not already have a Minecraft/Mojang account.  Buying Minecraft IS NOT REQUIRED. (We will be using the Demo version in class)

Week 1

Building the server environment.

Week 2

Connecting Minecraft to our custom server.

Week 3

Introduction to Computer Networking (Why can I or can't I connect to my new server)

Week 4

Minecraft Server Configuration and Setup with Class game play... 

*Network play requires custom home router configuration in order to allow outside player to use the server.  See your router manual for instructions on opening ports for inbound connections.

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Axis Academy
P.O. Box 1054
Maynardville, TN 37807



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