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Programming 1: Web Design

Student Level: 12+

Web design is one of the fastest growing technology industries in existence today.  This course will teach the student how to develop websites using the latest web programming technologies.

Section 1: HTML - Hypertext Markup Language

HTML is the basic foundation of all websites today both computer and mobile.  Understanding how to organize and display information in a browser such that users can easily and quickly navigate is one of the core skill-sets needed in this environment.

Section 2: CSS - Cascading Style Sheets

CSS is the de facto standard in styling nearly 100% of the websites in existence today.  CSS uses coloring, spacing, and patterns to create an appealing and well-formatted webpage.

Section 3: Javascript

Javascript is the programming language of choice for user interaction on web pages.  Javascript is used to animate, calculate, interact directly with the user, send/receive information to and from the web server, and many other functions.

This is offered in both a 12-week and 15-week format.  Both formats cover the same material.

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