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Basic Photography & Editing

Student Level: 12+

The first six weeks will cover the basics of using your camera. We will demonstrate the primary settings that you will need and show how to make adjustments directly on the camera to be sure to capture the best image. Understanding all the different parts of your camera and how they work together will  help you achieve the best picture, and practice using those parts is how you  will ensure to get the best image every time.

The last six weeks will cover photo editing using computer software to help bring out the best in your pictures. We will learn how to enhance the quality and colors in your image to best suit your style. This will also help you learn how to salvage some pictures that appear to be a  little too far gone in quality. 


A DSLR camera with manual settings available (I will be using a Canon Rebel T6)

The editing software we will be using is GIMP which you can download here.
 It should detect what kind of computer you have, then select the Download Directly option and your download will begin.

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