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Computer Productivity

Student Level: 7th - 12th

Microsoft Office Applications

  • WORD - Word Processing
  • EXCEL - Spreadsheet
  • POWERPOINT - Presentations
  • ACCESS - Database
In this course we learn how to use the primary tools and features of each application. 
In the word processing section, we will learn how to format documents for personal letters, business letters, resumes, flyers and more.  We will also learn the proper techniques and formats for writing papers.
We will build our own "check book" register in Excel and learn how to organize data and create formulas to calculate and manage our bank "account".
Presentations are a big part of college and in many jobs industries.  Learning to build and give a presentation is essential to the success of most everyone regardless of whether or not they will participate in higher learning.
Databases often drives the world of internet communication, business processing, and general information management.  Students will learn how to build databases, manage relationships between database objects and search databases for specific information through queries.

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