Axis Academy Adult Classes

Axis Academy coordinates several classes formatted for adults.

All classes  meet 1 night per week for 1.5 hours.

6:00pm-7:30pm or 7:30pm-9:00pm

Course Description Term Cost
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets are used in most every industry and understanding of how to use a spreadsheet is required by most administrative positions.  Learn how to manage data in spreadsheets, sort and summarize and write effective formulas that will do the work for you. 8 weeks $299
Programming I

This is an introduction to programming using the Python language.  We will learn about various programming constructs including data types, variables, loops, and logic flow.

8 weeks $299
Algebra I Self Explanatory ;-)  Need a refresher?  Homeschooling your kid and have forgotten the basics?  This course offers a fast-paced refresher allowing you to focus on the parts you need. 8 weeks $299
Programming II Building on Programming I, we will learn about interacting with databases to store and retrieve information and more advanced topics such as reusable modules or "classes" in Python. 8 weeks $299
Computer Repair Learn to repair and build PCs.  We will cover a brief history of computer hardware and troubleshoot some older recent hardware that still has some life in it.  We will learn about operating systems and how to install them, 8 weeks $299
Networking Discover the fundamentals of computer networking.  Build a network in class.  Learn to configure WiFi routers.  Understand network design options. 8 weeks $299
Internet Servers Learn how the internet works.  We will build and run various servers in class.  Web (HTTP), Mail (SMTP), DNS, FTP, Database.  Networking course helpful, but not required. 8 weeks $299
Database Design Learn how to build and maintain a database using an industry standard database - MySQL.  MySQL is free to download and use on most any platform. 8 weeks $299
Webpage Design We will learn the basics of Webpage design using industry standard technologies.  HTML, CSS, and Javascript are a part of almost every webpage in the world.   8 weeks $299


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