About Axis Academy

We are advocates of parent-led education. We believe that parents are best equipped to handle their child's education in whatever form they choose.. Whether you are looking for a well-rounded online education, or would like to a more hands-on approach to your child's education, we have the resources you need to accomplish your goals. Sometimes, it can be difficult to figure out where to start, and that's where we would love the opportunity to partner with you. You know your child and we know education, and together we can make sure your child receives everything they need.

Homeschool Umbrella

Axis Academy offers a homeschool umbrella services for your family. This option will offer the most flexibility in managing your student's education with plenty of resources to help make sure your child thrives.

Online Academy

Axis Academy Online offers full curriculum that you can use from the comfort of your own home! Powered by Ignitia, this curriculum has everything you need to provide a learning environment that offers a Christ-centered worldview to ensure that your child gets a full, well-balanced education.


If you've got everything covered, but just need a little help narrowing down some fine details, we can help. From consultation to curriculum, we have everything you need to help make sure your child is receiving the best education.

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Which model is right for you?


Independent Study Program

Parents will select, schedule and administer the coursework they choose for their students.

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Parent-Led Online

Students receive instruction through our online curriculum. Parents manage scheduling and support students.

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Instructor-Assisted Online

Student receive instruction through our online curriculum. Students have access to an instructor for additional courework assistnace via messaging and email.

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Dedicated Instructor

Student receive primary instruction through our online curriculum. A designated instructor is made available to students for faster response times. Teacher handles grading of all assignments.

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