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Homeschool Umbrella Program

About the Program

At Axis Academy, we believe the parent is best suited to determine the most productive learning methods and safest environment in which their children can excel. It is our goal to assist parents in fulfilling their desire to be directly involved in the education of their children.

Member Families will have the responsibility of organizing a curriculum plan for each enrolled student that must be submitted by August 31st of each year.


Testing is a way of measuring progress toward a predetermined goal. The goals of your homeschool may or may not conform with the goals being measured by national standardized achievement tests. Axis Academy neither requires nor prohibits the use of achievement tests. Achievement test scores may be a useful aid as part of an overall assessment of the progress of an individual student if used appropriately. If a member family elects not to participate in standardized testing, a portfolio must be kept and be made available for review by an advisor.


All families are encouraged to keep a portfolio of the work and acheivements of each enrolled student. It will be most helpful for you to keep additional documentation during the high school years. Ask for our example portfolio for requirements and other ideas on what to keep.

K-8 Enrollment Fees

  • Family application fee: $25.00
  • Student registration fee: $100.00
  • Additional Student fee: $30.00
  • Maximum per-family registration fee: $190.00

High School

Curriculum plans for high school students must be approved by your advisor.

  • Student application fee**: $50.00
  • Annual student registration fee: $250.00
  • Additional student fee: $150.00

** This fee only applies to the first year a highschool student is enrolled with Axis Academy.

Axis Academy is classified by the Tennessee Department of Education as a Category IV Church-Related School

New families will need to sumbit the application form.

Download application: Application.pdf

Existing families, please visit the forms page.

All families must agree to abide by our Policy Manual


For additional questions, please reach us via our helpdesk.

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